Studying Fear

We have been talking so much about being fearful…. about current events, about upcoming events, and about events in the neighborhood, that I decided to go into the new curriculum and spend our short week on the fear unit.  It started with making charts at table groups about the things that we are afraid of, and so many of our fears were similar!blogfear chart

Our next step was to talk about what we are fearful of, and what are some of the positives as well as the negatives of fear.  We did a gallery walk to look at all of the posters, and talked about helpful and harmful fears.  We did the visualizations, which the students enjoyed, then took our most harmful fear, wrote it on a piece of paper, and tore it up, or flew it out the window. (We picked them up!)

Finally, we used the quotes provided, and made posters for the school hallway. blogkarinablog2fearpostersblog mjposterblog ariel

Also, we have picked someone each hour to be the class photographer once a week! Here are some of their photos:

blog onraeworkingblog dashawn



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