Taking Accountability and Valentines

These last two weeks, we have focused on taking accountability and the accountability ladder. Because of testing, and a family emergency on the part of their teacher, we have taken a little longer to delve into this topic.  All of the lessons have been very engaging, and have led to some amazing discussions! We started out talking about why it is hard to take accountability, and then had to choose an event in our own lives that we should have taken accountability for.  It was very difficult for students to realize that, “I said I was sorry, but I still got in trouble!”  Our culminating activity was to write letters of apology to a teacher that we have wronged.  This led to some heartfelt self-reflection that I am very proud of my students for! We printed them out and illustrated them…. stay tuned for teacher reactions!vanessa

Also… we made valentines and celebrated our parents and guardians and the people in our lives that give us love!


Also,, I wanted to share an “I am” poem by my student Jon.  He was a very reluctant poet…. he scrawled the word “hood” across the paper. When we sat down and talked about the way writing this poem was making him feel, he came up with this as a second draft:

I am from the hood where families struggle

From no food in the fridge and wearing the same clothes to school every day

I am from everybody goes to jail…. Everybody!

And feeling depressed cuz its not the same when they’re gone

I am from gunshots every other night

From houses getting robbed

And not so innocent people dying for selling drugs

Trying to help their families but making someone else’s family struggle

I am from going to church on Sunday morning

From rita and gary

From hot wings but mostly ramen noodles cuz that’s all we have.

I am from barbecues at my sister’s

We play on the trampoline and listen to Mexican music

From playing hide and seek in the food truck

I am from the hood where families struggle


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