Emo Trolls, and coming back from vacation!!

We have had endless technical difficulties at Lake International, but I finally have a working computer again! We have much to share about YESS at Lake!

We dedicated lots of time to discussing Emo Trolls, and loved the way that we can use them to illustrate different ways to react to problems.  Students loved making their own drawings of the trolls, and acting out scenarios they had written.  We read articles and stories, and analyzed the characters in discussions to decide which Emo Trolls they most represent.  It has been a great way to look at our own reactions, and think about things that we may need to change! In these pictures, Austin and Jamarion are acting out the Smiley and Bully Trolls:


At Lake International, we also had plenty of celebrations of the holidays! Students who had threes and fours on their grades were allowed to attend the Snowball Dance, and that included many of the 6th grade YESS students!


Coming back from vacation last week was hard for everyone! YESS students at Lake wrote and illustrated New Year’s Resolutions, and that helped us to get ready to do our best in 2017! We reviewed the lesson on anger, and as part of that lesson, students answered questions in groups of four.  We compiled the answers to the questions, “What issues are you dealing with in middle school?” and “What situations stress you out?” .  Their answers are so interesting, and really offer a lot of insight into what our students are feeling as they navigate this confusing age.


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