Being Thankful

The week before Thanksgiving break, we focused a great deal on emotional intelligence, and the importance of knowing where we can each improve our own EQ.  Students were very interested to learn about the damaging effects of a low EQ, and had really great suggestions for dealing with stress, and for managing their “hot buttons”.

When asked to list their “hot buttons”, almost every student mentioned the election, and their fear of being in any of the categories of people that have been the target of our President Elect’s bullying. Their anxiety was palpable, and we as a class, as a school, and as a school district have made efforts to let our students know that they are in a safe place.


The day before our break, students took time to write thank you letters to any adult in the building that they were grateful for.  Students had to describe at least three very specific reasons that they chose that adult, no saying, “You’re nice”! Teachers who received the letters were so touched and emotional…. many said that this is why we teach! please come by and see the display of letters outside our classroom!



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