Hot Buttons and Cyberbullying

This was a good week for us to have talked about Hot Buttons, and the issues that make us upset.  Emotions were very high surrounding the election, and we had many conversations about feeling afraid, vulnerable, and angry, and how to handle those feelings without lashing out.  I am sure that these will be ongoing conversations, as so many of our families are feeling uncertain of their future.

We also reviewed Cyberbullying, and had a fantastic guest speaker come to talk to us from Ed Tech.  Brian Dino did an excellent job of talking about using the internet wisely, and his presentation fit perfectly with our lesson about anonymity.  He also performed magic tricks as part of his presentation! The students loved it and it was a welcome relief from our stressful week!dino2


ALSO…. Period 4 won their class party and enjoyed chicken nuggets and fries!


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