Practicing Setting Personal Boundaries

At Lake International this week, we talked more about external and internal barriers to success, using chapters from the book, The Absolute True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie as a guide.  The main character in this book faces many external barriers, such as frequent seizures and desperate poverty, and this example helped to illustrate the concept of external barriers that can be overcome.

We also enjoyed the exercise of listening to scenarios and choosing whether these examples crossed our personal boundaries.. Students started out standing on a line in the middle of the classroom.  After listening to the scenario, (i.e. your friend draws on your binder without permission), students decided whether or not the action crossed a boundary for them, and chose a side of the room to stand on accordingly. We then practiced some ways to set boundaries in a positive way, such as saying, “Please give me some space.” Students have started telling each other, “Please give me some personal space”, on their own!






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