Exploring Boundaries

We had a very productive week at Lake International! The focus was on relationships and how we each can do our part.  Students enjoyed making charts at their table groups about what they want from their friendships, what they do not want, and what they can give.friendship-chart-1friendship-chart-1  We had some very productive conversations about boundaries, and how we have the right to set them.  They loved the boundary activity, where they take turns being blindfolded, and their partner walks towards them until the blindfolded partner feels uncomfortable.  Many students were so surprised by how quickly they said, “Stop!”blindfold3blindfold-2-good

We also took the quiz that told us what kind of a listener we are.  Students were very worried that they would be graded on the quiz! We had a talk about how it is important to know where you start, so that you can improve! This followed with the game of “telephone” with hilarious results!


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