Lake students delve deeper into the topic of Cyberbullying

At Lake, we are working very hard to make sure that we live up to our Knight’s Code of Courage, Honor, Diligence, and Equity.  YESS scholars write shout-outs to fellow students every other week, and chose students who are exhibiting the qualities listed in the CODE that we strive to demonstrate daily…..  Students feel very honored to be shouted out by their peers! Students Vanessa and Onrae, shown below, are very focused on writing the shout-outs for their classmates.


In addition, we have continued our discussions about Cyberbullying and bullying in general.  Students illustrated the terms “aggressor, target, and bystander”, and have done extensive reading and discussion about the issue.  We have also discussed our own external and internal barriers to success, and what we can do to overcome them.  Students had extremely insighful comments, such as, “I care too much what other people think”, and, “sometimes being hungry and tired makes me lose focus.”. Their self-awareness was very inspiring!ragi



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