Lake International students design time capsules, study cyberbullying!

This week at Lake International, our students started the week by reading an article from the Washington Post on cyberbullying.  We reviewed what we had learned about personal values from  the previous week, and applied this discussion to the protagonist and the antagonist in our article.  We then wrote claims answering the question:”What do you think the appropriate consequence should be for peer-to-peer cyberbullying?” using evidence from the text.

The latter part of the week, we focused on building time capsules  to be opened at the end of the year, in May.We included pictures and momentos from home, and used collage to find pictures from magazines and calendars that were meaningful.  Students wrote letters to themselves describing their first weeks of school, and stating their goals for the year.  We hope that when we open them in May, these goals will have been realized!  Below are some examples of the student’s artwork!tc4tc3tc6timec5timecap2timecapsule1



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